ROTARY Centennial PARK

SEPTEMBER 16, 2017

1:40pm - 2:3pm

Jettison Blue was created almost twenty years ago out of the mists of time before the turn of the century.  Members hail from parts unknown (if you include Perry and Macon) and have been brought together to pull upbeat classic rock music out of the breezes in the air.


Jettison Blue’s full sound comes from years of playing together and a love of making great music that somehow sounds just right.   Drummer Kurt Woods’ solid rhythm melds perfectly with bass player Al Magallano’s intricate grooves inspired by his jazz background.  This pulsing groove gives saxophonist Edward Clark and guitarist Shea Smith support for filling out the texture of the music or trading solos.  Edward and Shea easily play off each other’s fills as they bounce around the sonic foundation Kurt and Al create.  In addition, each musician adds harmonic backup vocals and lead singer Bill O’Neal’s smooth voice ties it all together. Jettison Blue’s music has “that” sound which makes it hard not to move at least some part of your body.  Jettison Blue will leave you smiling; the music is always exciting and fresh, even if it’s a song you’ve heard before.


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