ROTARY Centennial PARK

SEPTEMBER 16, 2017

5:15pm - 5:50pm




LGB’s first album, Reality Slowly Walks Us Down,  hit the music industry in December, 2010, with some awesome reviews and write-ups. LGB lives in Warner Robins, but she was born and raised in Allendale, South Carolina.


She is known among her peers as the lady with the raspy, soulful voice singing the blues with a rhythm and blues crossover. As a new songwriter, singer, producer, and arranger, LGB articulates and delivers each of her stories through her songs in her own special, unique way, writing the first six of the eight song tracks on her first CD.


LGB teamed up with Mark Boston, aka “Rockette Morton,” who once played bass guitar with Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, making a name for them in England. Gene Avey, 2008 ICMA winner, also joined LGB’s musical team; he sings two duets with her, “Reality Slowly Walks Us Down” and “Again, I’ve Fallen in Love with You.”


For her sophomore album, I Am Who I Am, LGB joined up with legendary Drink Small, winner of the 2015 Washington, DC, National Heritage Endowments of the Arts Fellowship. LGB and Drink Small together perform a new rendition of “Don’t Miss Your Water.” LGB creates her very own distinctive style of music and vocals and she has quickly become known around the world as “the lady with the raspy, soulful voice.” She has embraced a unique style of musical genres, favoring a little rock, blues, R&B, beach, zydeco, and a gospel flair. LGB has also added a little zydeco remix, an inspiration selection.


Without a doubt, LGB understands she will be faced with great challenges and obstacles, but she strongly believes “everyone has to start somewhere.”