ROTARY Centennial PARK

SEPTEMBER 16, 2017

12:40pm - 1:25pm

The Original MCB started in 1979 with Wayne Harris ( Lead Guitarist), Larry Bennett ( Guitar), Darlene Layson (Vocals),  Gerald Layson ( Bass) and Chris Arnold ( Drummer). The band  has played all over Central and South Georgia, mostly at festivals and private engagements.


In 1981, Bill and Kim Hathcock joined the MCB replacing the Laysons. Kim Hathcock plays Bass Guitar and vocals, Bill Hathcock plays guitar and vocals.  The band still plays festivals, private events and corporate functions. We have been together for 37yrs ,this year. The band members are best friends and our children and grandchildren are our greatest fans.

We have had several drummers through the years, Mark Minyard, Michael Roberts, most recently Gary Porter (Gray Ga) and Tommy Lawson  (currently of Perry).


We play Country, 50's and 60's and Southern Rock music.


The Mossy Creek Band would like to thank all of our fans and family that have supported us through all these years.

We are looking forward to performing for the Perry Music Festival in September. The MCB is a local Perry band.