ROTARY Centennial PARK

SEPTEMBER 16, 2017

11:05pm - 12:00Am

Stan Butler a renowned artist, singer, songwriter, director and producer of Southern Soul Blues was born to Mr. Willie C. Butler and Mrs. (Pastor) Louise Butler on April 1979. He grew up within a strong Christian background in Jeffersonville, Georgia and spent most of his childhood within the church atmosphere.


Music, which is considered an emotional change for Stan Butler aided him as a child and brought pleasure to his life and others around him. Stan Butler’s dedication to his church upbringing played a significant role in him singing in the church choir, and playing (self-taught) instruments such as the drums and the keyboard.


In his mid-thirty’s, Stan Butler decided that it was time to follow his childhood dreams. He began consulting with a local artist by the name of “Kenny Robinson” for guidance on how to begin this endearing pursuit. He then began recording sessions with “Quentin Johnson” of Big-Baby Studios in Macon Georgia in September 2015. From these exhausting studio meeting, the album titled “Back to Basics” arose. Favoring the first song “Caught Up”, Stan Butler assumed that this would be his first hit, but the song titled “Took My Grandma to the Club” was a YouTube sensation to the public observers and within 3 months had over 40,000 views. From that point things started taking off. Stan Butler found himself in need of a band, he reached out to Mr. John Mills Jr. (Stixx) the owner of the band titled The Unit. After becoming acquainted with the music, the band as a whole decided that they wanted to become The Stan Butler Band. After doing local shows they were asked to open up for the group Cameo at the Macon soul jam at Henderson stadium on May 29th   2016.... There was over 3,000 people there. This was a great starting point in their career…