ROTARY Centennial PARK

SEPTEMBER 16, 2017

10:00pm - 10:55PM

Webster defines Conquest as the act or process of conquering. Blalock defines Conquest as a self-contained live music party machine. The Conquest Show Band provides arguably the best live entertainment this side of the Mississippi. The band has won several awards and contests, including the "Budweiser Superfest Battle of Bands".


Conquest has been performing together for over ten years. The band has performed all over the state to a variety of audiences. Conquest plays almost all types of music, but specializes in R & B from the 60's to the present.


Like all great institutions, Conquest starts at the bottom iwth a great foundaiton. The percussion and bass trio of Virgil Blalock, Roy Waters, and Roy Woodson have been holding the bottom down together since the eighties. This funky tandem will keep your feet moving all night. No stone is left unturned and no hole is left unfilled as Rickey Blalock and Eric Stubbs provide all the fills needed to complete the rhythm section on keyboards and guitar. The two live by the motto "Keep it Live and Full". Rickey porvides soulfil riffs and melodies. Eric is adept at providing the perfect solo for the mood set by the foot stomping rhythm section. His writhing antics are quite reminiscent of the late great Jimi Hendrix. The vocal section contains the superb voices of Kim Howard, Jackie Hodges, and Don Turnbow. Howard has excitement just by being there; truly and entertainer supreme. Hodges creates excitement just by being there; truly an entertainer supreme. Turnbow also comes across with richness and range, but with an in your face, get up and party attitude. The trio performs excellent harmonies while exhibiting flashy dance steps that keep all audiences captivated.


The band does a number of high-energy skits including an astonishing redition of "Tina Turner". This show is a must see for all live music fans, no matter what the musical preference.


Catch the Conquest Show Band and you will be "Conquered".